Monday, February 27, 2017

Brass Ball Valve with Union - China Factory of Brass Ball Valves

Brass Ball Valve with Union
 Brass Ball Valve with Union Features:
 1. Smooth inner wall ,reducing pressure loss and increasing flow speed.
2. Easy and fast installation, making cost minimized.
3. Anti-aging, long life, healthy and non-toxic.
4. Light weight, convenient handling and corrosion-resistant.
5. Brass Ball Valve with Union is applied to construction, electrical conduit, agricultural irrigation, industrial sewage and other projects using .

Packaging of Brass Ball Valve with Union:

Inner packaging:
For brass fitting, we used nylon bags do inner packaging, Nylon bag can reduce oxidation occurred, to prevent rust And keep the brass luster.
Retail packaging:
We put 50 or 100 pcs of brass ball valve in one carton box. Ensure that a sufficient quantity, and protect goods in transfer.
Transfer packaging:
For export we put goods in Moisture-proof packaging, and put wooden box out side. Ensure that the product in transit in good condition.
custom packaging:
We can According to your requirements for product packaging, we can print your logo on carton or goods. to help your Smooth business.

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