Thursday, December 8, 2016

2 Inch Brass Ball Valves - China Brass Ball Valves manufacturer

2 Inch Brass Ball Valves Brief Details:

Material: Brass, Copper.
Surface Treatment: nartural, nickel plated, chrome plated or as per customer's requirement.
Handle: flat steel, drawn steel, aluminum, aluminium buttelfly.
Size: 2", other size also available.
Processing Methods: forgings, CNC milling and turning, grinding, casting, broaching, etc.
Heat Treatment: Annealing, Normalizing, Nitriding, Tempering, Carbonitriding, Carburizing and induction hardening.
Tolerance: 0.02mm
Application: Vehicle, Car, Electronic components, Household, Hardware, etc.
Applicable Medium: mainly used in air, gas, liquid, and steam applications.

The Advantage of 2 Inch Brass Ball Valves:

1. Brass ball valve corrosion resistance higher than steel.
2. The Brass Ball Valves are full port design for reduced friction, small flow resistance.
3. Smooth inner wall, reducing pressure loss and increasing flow speed.
4. Easy and fast installation, making cost minimized.
Brass Ball Valves
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